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Moscow company «B&B Logistics» offers professional certification services. We employ staff with years of experience that solve any bureaucratic issues and settle all disputes, which almost always occur during the registration of any government securities.

Our company provides a full range of services for obtaining documents:


To import or export outside the Customs Union any goods should notify the authorities. We assist in obtaining certificates for registration of the goods transported.

Separately isolated notification FSB. It is nothing other than a notice of Russia's Federal Security Service of the characteristics of the product (type, model, features, manufacturer), which contains the cryptographic means. It includes:

  • mobile phones;
  • notebook computers;
  • plates;
  • servers;
  • wireless devices (keyboard, mouse, etc.).
  • software


Our company «B&B Logistics» is preparing the necessary documentation for the customs authorities and the FSB. We guarantee rapid, error-free filling and clearance notifications for cryptographic protection. This registration document is exclusively officially - in the Center for Licensing, Certification and Protection of State Secrets of the Russian Federation.

We are pleased to offer our customers very attractive prices. With the company «B&B Logistics» receipt of the notification of the FSB ceases to be a headache for you, as well as a waste of precious time and money.

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