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таможенное оформление товаров поступающих
от 15000 рублей
от 10000рублей

Таможенное оформление
от 7500 рублей

Перевозка товаров по процедуре таможенного транзита
(таможенным перевозчиком)
от 9500 рублей

С 1 ноября 2016 г.

открыто новое направление перевозки сборных грузов (включая мультимодальные перевозки) из Европы в:

  • Краснодарскую,
  • Волгоградскую,
  • Ростовкую области!

Multimodal transportation

Often, to deliver the goods from one point to another, you want to use more than one mode of transportation, but several. This scheme is called multi-modal transportation (mixed, combined). In this case, the goods, often immersed in containers that are sealed and opened only at the final destination. This ensures the safety and integrity of the cargo throughout the "journey", as well as greatly facilitate its loading and unloading. In multimodal transport most commonly used combination of trucks, rail and sea transport.

The company «B&B Logistics» exists in the logistics market for over 12 years. We provide a full range of professional services for the transportation and delivery of goods anywhere in the world. One of our activities are just the same multimodal transport. This is a complex area of ​​project logistics, as includes such difficult steps as:

  • develop the right route;
  • choosing the optimal transport;
  • negotiation time and place of filing of transport;
  • providing temporary detention of goods.


Our company employs only qualified experts who have extensive experience in resolving any difficult situations and tasks. Our employees are able to promptly deliver the most cost-effective and convenient offers for customers. Our principles - is responsible for their actions and individual approach to each client.

  • We provide services such as:
  • Fast delivery on a "door to door";
  • Legal advice;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Preparation of all documentation.


Entrusting move their cargo company «B&B Logistics», you can be sure that it gets to the destination in the integrity, safety, and as soon as possible. Work so that we have recommended to friends and partners - that is our credo.

 Multimodal transportation

При перевозке грузов с других стран все сталкиваются с трудностями его оформления на таможне. Мы давно занимаемся оказанием таких услу...
Мы оказываем большой перечень услуг. В том числе и оформление нотификации. Обращайтесь к нашим менеджерам для подробной консультации....
Таможенный перевозчик должен быть с большим опытом работы, что бы оперативно и грамотно решать сложные вопросы. Все наши сотрудники - ...