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Certification in accordance with technical reglaments of EurAsEC

Your organization engaged in the import of foreign goods into the territory of the Russian Federation? Do you want to sell goods not only in Russia but also in Belarus and Kazakhstan?

Then you can not do without a certificate of conformity for each type of product. This document is required by law to any product manufactured, imported or sold in the territory of the Russian Federation and the countries of the Customs Union. Certification is needed to guarantee the safety of the goods. It can be voluntary and mandatory. The types of goods subject to mandatory certification include: food, industrial, children, medical products, pyrotechnics. Full list recorded in the Unified list of products. Requirements and standards for each type recorded in the technical regulations.

Moscow company «B&B Logistics» renders services on certification for 12 years. You can execute all documents in accordance with the technical regulations of the Customs Union. Our legal right to carry out such activity confirmed the license and state accreditation.

Work on certification includes:


  • Preliminary analysis;
  • Preparation of documentation;
  • The selection and testing of samples of the goods;
  • Research and evaluation of production;
  • Certification of quality management;
  • Registration Certificate;
  • His registration.



Certificate of customs union may be issued:

  • At a certain batch of products;
  • For up to 5 years (in series production).


Conduct all necessary procedures for the preparation and delivery of documents is entitled only by an accredited certification organization, such as the «B&B Logistics». We are pleased to offer you the lowest prices and the shortest terms of manufacturing documents.

Our company has first-class professional experts, who will conduct all necessary operations quickly. In addition, we guarantee the quality of services provided. Individual approach to every client - that is mainly what we follow.

Turning to the company «B&B Logistics», you will learn what it means quality first-class service!

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