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Company B&B Logistics

Company «B&B Logistics» is pleased to welcome you to our official website!

Our company - one of the largest involved in customs clearance, transportation, and also help in the design of legal papers on the loads.

We provide a full range of services:

Customs clearance



Legal services

If you need to solve problems such as international freight shipping, or transportation of goods in Russia, or assistance in certification, preparation of notifications FSB or exemption letters, as well as just competent legal advice on any questions, then you have come to the correct address. Our company has been known for many years in the market and earned the trust and appreciation of the partners and customers. We employ only professional staff who are experienced in their field. They can solve intractable challenges and to ensure that the process of transportation or processing of securities held as quickly as possible and beneficial to our customers.


«B&B Logistics» knows how important it is for a commercial organization to receive or send the goods in time. Often depends on not only the well-being of the company, but also its reputation. Therefore, we first of all try to ensure prompt delivery, and timely execution of all necessary documents, not to let his client. Our managers will calculate and offer the most convenient option in each case - air, rail or road. Modern technology and a large fleet of vehicles provides timely all works. You can trust us with any goods: dangerous, valuable, fragile, heavy, oversized, perishable, and other urgent. We have the skills to work with a broad product line. «B&B Logistics» deliver the right you anywhere in the world.


Services customs representative (broker) - another our specialty. We help in the paperwork for the customs authorities of the Russian Federation, solve bureaucratic problems and delays arising from the goods at the border. We have experienced professionals who are able to take control of any situation and get out of it with the maximum benefit for the client. We provide the full range of customs representation. We are engaged in the preparation, filling, registration statements and other documents for public authorities to import or export goods.


Legal assistance in the preparation of certifications, notifications, letters of exemption, as well as - valuation of assets - on all these issues, you can contact our specialists. Competence and responsibility - these are the qualities for which valued the company «B&B Logistics».


Benefits «B&B Logistics»:

  • comprehensive solution to all issues and situations;
  • individual approach to each client;
  • reliability;
  • responsibility;
  • quality of service;
  • a great experience;
  • a wide range of services;
  • responsiveness;
  • offers services "turnkey";
  • competence in dealing with any goods;
  • calculate the most favorable terms for clients;
  • qualified personnel.


Turning to the «B&B Logistics», you can be sure that you do not meet the delay deadlines of the contract, with additional costs and other horrors unscrupulous partners. We will do everything quickly and efficiently possible for you!

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