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GOST R system certification

You are looking for a company that can quickly and inexpensively formally issue a certificate of conformity?

«B&B Logistics» is pleased to offer you our services!

Currently in Russia there are two kinds of verification of the goods: the declaration and certification. In the first case, the manufacturer itself is engaged in checking, and then get a declaration of conformity. In the second case, all manipulations assessment of products and issuance of documents conducted by a specially accredited body. At the same time, what a way to select the manufacturer, does not depend on his wishes, but on whether the goods are included in the single list of products subject to mandatory certification.

Our company «B & B Logistics» provides services for certification in accordance with GOST R. We are ready to quickly and inexpensively to help you! Our employees are experts in the field, well versed in modern legislation. Our company has successfully been on the market for over 12 years. We have gained a lot of experience in solving complex situations and issues.

  • Our advantages:
  • Fast terms of paperwork;
  • The speed problem resolution;
  • Professional experts;
  • Legal advice;
  • Best prices;
  • Reliable results.


Certificate of compliance - a special document certifying that a product or service complies with all statutory regulations and standards. Based on current legislation, the seller or the implementer is obliged to under the first requirement of the buyer or inspection bodies to present this document. That is why the certificate of conformity should receive:

  • Manufacturers;
  • Suppliers;
  • Wholesale customers;
  • Retailers.


For goods subject to mandatory certification applies to both domestic and foreign products.

Voluntary certification

If you want to show the consumer that the product quality, that is a wonderful way - voluntary certification. Everyone knows people prefer to choose high-quality and reliable product. And to ensure it can only be an official document.

Our company will help you get all the necessary certificates as soon as possible. We have established contacts with all government agencies, as well as work by qualified staff.

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