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Customs clearance

Complex works to resolve the formalities with documents on products crossing the Russian border, called "customs clearance". This is the official term used by professionals in the documents and negotiations, popularly referred to as these procedures are simple - "customs clearance". The company «B&B Logistics» are specialists with years of experience who are able to solve as soon as possible any bureaucratic "delays" with official papers. Working with our company, you will be relieved of the headaches associated with the transport of goods across the border.

This procedure consists of three steps:

  1. The preliminary analysis and the collection of documents (CCD, TPA, CCC), the calculation of duties and inspection of goods on measures of tariff and non-tariff regulation.
  2. The official representation in the customs authorities of the Russian Federation: the provision of documentation, control of the correct completion of all procedures.
  3. One of the most difficult and important steps on the path of any goods in Russia - customs clearance of imported goods.

Its price depends on factors such as:

  • type of product;
  • place of origin;
  • destination;
  • mode of transport;

The main procedure here is the registration of the declaration. From this moment begins to act legal responsibility for declaring false information about the cargo. This process is therefore important to entrust the professionals who know all the details, nuances and "pitfalls" of this science.

If you are interested in the clearance of goods for export, we know how to help you. We have developed their own schemes of work, we have a thorough understanding of the bureaucratic requirements, as well as legal norms.

The success and timing of the crossing of goods across the border depends on the skills, qualifications and experience of the customs agent. Compared with a lot of the cost of delay or hold products at the border in case of unfair customs representative, the cost of customs clearance in Moscow company «B&B Logistics» quite justified and beneficial. We employ only top-notch professionals that ensure efficiency and quality of services. 

Advantages of working with us

We Are:

engaged in the organization of customs clearance of the second decade;

have experience with all groups of goods;

clearly observe all the timeline;

assign a favorable price for all services;

responsible approach to each case;

reliable and precise as a Swiss watch;

and not to shift the responsibility on others.

It should be noted that the issue certificate customs representative under the force is not everything. To confirm their right to carry out these activities, the organization must perform several mandatory (difficult) conditions approved by the new legislation. This shows that our company has confirmed its title of responsible and reliable service provider and partner.

Turning to the company «B&B Logistics», you will forget about the problems with the violation of the terms of transportation and customs clearance of the additional costs, problems with the authorities of the Russian Federation. Our professional staff will help you not only "to clear of" any goods, but do it quickly and profitably.

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