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Customs clearance in Moscow

Any cargo that moves across the border of the Russian Federation, export or import, is tested to the Russian authorities. For the timely and successful completion of customs clearance and control, the owner of the cargo shall be available and good order all the necessary documents. In addition, to eliminate unforeseen situations that arise in a great many of our public institutions, should have certain skills, especially the ability to resolve disputes and conflict circumstances. Without proper legal knowledge to do this is almost impossible.

What options exist for businesses? To hire staff who will deal with customs clearance. However, such a man is hard to find "the street", because of its responsibility and reliability need to be sure. Only from him will depend on the condition and quantity will move your goods across the border. Agree to entrust expensive cargo man without guarantees - is absurd. In this case, businessmen prefer to contact the professionals.

So, your company needs assistance in customs clearance, if the business is associated with the transport of goods across the border. Our company «B&B Logistics» is engaged in providing such services.

Customs clearance

We are registered in the State of excellent professionals and accompanying preparatory work with documents on imports or exports. Professional lawyers work for your trade and business is booming, not overshadowed by problems.

One of the most important formalities, which determines the speed of your goods crossing the border - a customs declaration. Without this official paper is not possible to carry no weight on the territory of our country. The declaration must contain:

cargo information;

mode that is applied thereto;

its customs value;

information on transport, which is planned to transport;

information about buyers and sellers.

Since 2014 returns are filed only in electronic form.

The company «B&B Logistics» is pleased to offer you their services for the preparation of this document. Entrusting us to carry out all the necessary steps to work with the documentation on the goods, you can be sure that will save a lot of time, effort and money. Any bureaucratic hitches are easily solved by our highly qualified staff.

In addition, we provide services for customs clearance of goods from China. We will help prevent any slips, errors, inaccuracies or other errors in the papers at the stage of their preparation. We have extensive experience in working with the Eastern partners, as well as the transport of a wide variety of goods from Asia. This allows us to completely eliminate the delay of goods, we are working at the border or in port.

Export customs clearance, which is included in the list of our services has its own characteristics. It consists of such phases as:

the calculation of the contract value, based on the information about the cargo;

preparation and signing of the contract with the company by the consignee;

Actually, the "customs clearance".

We carry out a comprehensive approach to any task. The company «B&B Logistics» guarantees the quality of our services. We will do everything possible to save you from headaches about any procedures relating to the movement of goods across the border.

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