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Customs representative in Moscow

The organization, which operates as an intermediary between the importer (the owner and the owner of the cargo) and the authorities, licenses and in strict accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation - called "broker" or, more correctly, "customs representative". It is in such a company can find a highly qualified person who will take the responsibility, efforts and organizational issues associated with the movement of your cargo and goods across the border.

The company «B&B Logistics» has been doing for many years providing services customs representative in Moscow.

What is the responsibility of the broker:

classification of goods by HS TC and modern standards;

collection, preparation and approval of official documents;

preparation and filling of declarations;

the acquisition of expert opinions;

payment of state duty and work with other payments;

consultation on all issues arising from government officials;

settlement of disputes with government authorities and representatives of business organizations;

support of cargoes.

Despite the enormous amount of the work in, the price of customs brokerage services in our company «B&B Logistics» always kept at an acceptable level. And, if you take into account how much time and effort will save our competent lawyers, we can conclude extremely profitable for such cooperation.

The broker with the document begins long before the departure of the goods. However, the main problem is unfolding in front of him at the border and is to avoid and prevent any delays in the delivery of goods to your customer. It should be remembered that any deviation from the law strictly punished not only administrative, but also criminal liability. Therefore, the broker should certainly be legally competent.

Employees of the company «B&B Logistics», which provides customs brokerage services in Moscow, are professionals with a capital letter. We have established ourselves as a reliable and responsible partner who will do everything to load the client got to their destination quickly and without loss.

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