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The valuation of property

Under the definition of "property valuation" means the determination of the prices for the various objects of the material world, which performs professional valuer. This operation allows you to find out the exact market value of the property at a particular moment.

Appraisal activity is divided into 2 types:

  • According to real estate;
  • On movable property.


The first type of work on the evaluation of buildings, land, apartments, as well as ships and aircraft. The total price is determined based on the state, and in the case of buildings and land based location.

The second type include transport and equipment. Their value will affect the appearance and function.

The purpose of the evaluation at the most one - for the transaction of sale. However, sometimes it may be necessary for the solution of the financial, judicial and other disputes.

Our company «B&B Logistics» provides expert assessment of the value of any property in strict accordance with the Russian law "On appraisal activity". The service includes:

  • Independent examination;
  • Analysis of the results;
  • Execution of documents.


We employ highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in this field. We are pleased to offer you their services at affordable prices. Turning to us, you can be assured that your property will be assessed rationally, and all documents are drawn up properly as soon as possible.

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