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Carrier service

In this age of consumption is growing rapidly trade not only within the country but also between countries. In this context, it becomes more and more popular service of international transport of goods. Our company «B & B Logistics» for many years engaged in logistics and delivery, as well as act as a customs carrier.

We provide a full range of services for the movement of goods, in any way:


We understand how important it is to get a valuable parcel on time. Know that the spent nerves, loss or delay long-awaited product - is restored. So first of all, in our work we focus on is to always abide by the agreement and set deadlines.

We have a state of only the best specialists in their field:

  • managers;
  • logistics;
  • drivers.


«B&B Logistics» makes delivery of any goods from door-to-door customer recipient. You do not have to worry that he will get lost somewhere, or it will have to withdraw from the delivery point or the warehouse.

We'll bring your parcel / product etc. As soon as possible. Our company works faster than any express carrier, the quality of services and care are much higher. We can carry any cargo, including requiring special conditions of transportation:

  • fragile;
  • bulky;
  • heavy;
  • team.


We guarantee the safety and integrity of transported, as well as adherence to delivery dates.


The easiest and least expensive way to deliver the necessary from one point to another - take it on the machine. If your business is related to the sale, manufacture, sale of any goods or long distance transportation of goods by road, which is engaged in our company «B&B Logistics» - what you need.

Road transit through Russia is always relevant in connection with a large area of ​​the country and the absence in many parts of the railway junctions. In such areas will pass easily vehicles with high traffic. Our company has its own large fleet, which presents a variety of cars. He works smoothly to the goods have been delivered to the customer as quickly as possible to any region. If necessary, you can use our transport partners.

Our experts will carefully monitor the maintenance of order in the fleet. Thus, «B&B Logistics» tries to minimize the risk of technical problems with transport and subsequent delays en route because of this. Working with our company, you can be confident that the product will come in time, but will not stop due to a malfunction of the machine.

For each client, we develop a convenient and short routes, execute all necessary documents and offer the most competitive rates. Cooperation with «B&B Logistics» is always built on responsibility, trust, and, ultimately, success!

Customs carrier services

The company «B&B Logistics» - this is a Russian company which carries on the territory of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, on the basis of state license (certificate), the movement of goods under customs control.

What are the advantages of working with a licensed carrier:

opportunity to carry products to a greater value than the sum of security for the payment of fees under the TIR Convention (CARNET TIR);

the right not to present every time a bank guarantee and other measures to ensure compliance transit;

right fence of goods from the ports.

We are one of the largest customs carriers in Moscow. Collaborating with an organization such as «B & B Logistics», your company will be able to save significant money on tax fees and charges, and as quickly as possible to deliver the goods at the point of final destination.


Aviatransportirovka - ideal if your organization need to transport goods:

  • over long distances,
  • as soon as possible,
  • in areas that are inaccessible rail or road;
  • special purpose (for example, a very fragile).


The company «B&B Logistics» takes many years of international and domestic air cargo industry. We work efficiently and quickly, ensuring a quick result. Individual approach to each client and high level of service - that's what we advise clients partners.

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