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International air transport

Modern trade relations - is a complex system that could not function without competent logistics. Goods are moved to the cities and countries, providing a huge consumer demand. Without their timely movement of this trade simply can not exist.

The fastest way to deliver the goods to the desired point - it is certainly the plane. And in some cases, it is also the only way of delivery. On the map of our country have corners, to which there is no train or car door, and then the ideal option becomes air delivery. Although it is more expensive other species, however, is often the only justification.

So, if your company manufactures products or purchases them from foreign suppliers, or export them, then you certainly are essential services for air cargo. To the goods arrived at the destination, you need to spend a lot of organizational issues. Packaged goods, weigh it, fill out the paperwork, get your route, to ensure proper storage. Therefore, much depends on the logistics company, which will carry out the transportation of your goods. From the responsible approach depends on the integrity of the cargo, and the timing of its receipt.

Moscow company «B&B Logistics» offers its services to organizations and individuals. We have successfully exist in domestic and international transport more than 12 years. We transport regular and charter flights, both freight and passenger. We have established excellent partnerships with many Moscow and international airlines, so efficiency - our strong point.

In the «B&B Logistics» are interested in long-term cooperation with each client, and therefore work as it should.

Advantages of the company «B&BLogistics»:

We have the experience to a wide range of goods (valuable, fragile, dangerous).

Excellent quality of service regardless of the size of the cargo and its destination.

Operate the most attractive and competitive prices and rates for air travel.

The geography of our traffic is quite broad - it covers all regions of Russia and the near abroad.

Guarantee the security and integrity of cargo.

Our staff consists of highly qualified professionals, real experts in their field. They will calculate you the most convenient and fastest way to move cargo, consult on our services, help with customs clearance.

Legal aid and advice.

Fast and accurate registration of all necessary documents and papers.

The calculation of the shortest and most profitable routes.


For advice and get answers to any questions on our services, please contact us by phone or by email. We will be glad to see you among our clients!





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