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Russian domestic transportation

One of the most important moments in the trade - is the speed of delivery of goods. Our country has a vast territory and the issue of movement of goods is very serious. If you are thinking where to find the quality of Russian domestic carrier, then you have come to the correct address.

Moscow logistics company «B&B Logistics» is engaged in more than 12 years the delivery and transportation of various cargoes in Russia. During this time we have delivered thousands of goods across the country. Hundreds of satisfied customers have seen in our reliability. By contacting us, you will get rid of "headache" associated with the movement and the safety of your goods. Our organization works with individuals and legal entities.

We'll bring the goods to any location in Russia, regardless of its distance from the capital. To do this, we use different types of transport - car or railway. Allow road transport to deliver the goods, literally, from the door of the warehouse - to the door of the store. Railway justified in the case of transportation of bulky cargo or for long distances.

The company «B&B Logistics» accumulated for more than 12 years of invaluable experience in handling and transporting large range of goods. We accept valuable, fragile, prefabricated, heavy, bulky, and other special categories of goods.

We can offer our customers:

  • Guarantee the integrity and security of cargo;
  • Reasonable prices;
  • Optimal routes;
  • Compliance as stipulated by the terms;
  • Wide fleet of vehicles (own and partners)
  • Legal assistance.


The company «B&B Logistics» employs professional staff (managers, logisticians, lawyers), who will prepare for you the best delivery routes, taking into account the time and cost. The main thing for us - the client was satisfied, because we are interested in long-term partnership.

Please contact us, we will be glad to cooperate!


Domestic transportation

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