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Railway transportation

The most relevant for today way to move goods in Russia and CIS countries - is transport by rail. They represent the optimal combination of cost and efficiency. Given the extensive network of railways and stations, is one of the easiest ways to bring the goods to any city.

Moscow logistics company «B&B Logistics» carries freight in all ways, including by rail. We have been working successfully for over 12 years and during that time have proven to be reliable, responsible and executive carrier. We can proudly say that our customers recommend «B&B Logistics» their partners and friends.

Advantages railway delivery:


  • All season (snow, fog, ice roads are not afraid of trains);
  • the possibility of carrying heavy, bulky, living goods;
  • reliability (less breakage exposed aircraft and vehicles);
  • low cost (relative to air travel and cars);
  • wide geography (Russian and foreign);
  • responsiveness;
  • transport may be of different sizes;
  • safety of the goods (sealed wagons reduce the risk of theft);
  • benefit (easier to rent a 1 railway wagon than a few trucks).



It should be noted that we have in the state employ only professionals. Experts of the company «B&B Logistics» calculate for you the best w / d routes assist with loading and unloading of goods, will prepare all the necessary documents, including customs clearance. Individual approach to each client and comprehensive solution to all incoming tasks - that's the main thing, we are guided in their work.

We are working to ensure that your goods have arrived at your destination as quickly and profitably as possible for the client. We guarantee whether express terms! Diligence and responsibility for all your actions - a rare quality today, but we have them in full!

Choosing rail transportation from «B&B Logistics», rest assured, we will do our best for you!

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