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Container shipping

One of the most popular and active areas of foreign trade today - the countries of South-East Asia: China, Indonesia, Thailand. Different types of businesses interested in importing large quantities of goods from these countries. Move cargo planes, though fast, but very expensive. By train across the ocean - it is simply impossible. There is only one option economically feasible option - shipping by sea.

The company «B&B Logistics» provides international shipping. We are known in the logistics market for over 12 years. During this time we have learned many customers around the world. We specialize in shipping from Asia, Europe and the United States anywhere in the world. High-quality long-term cooperation of our company with the world's leading container lines and companies owned vessels allows us to minimize costs and thus offer their customers the most competitive rates. We carry out a complex approach to logistics, so we can guarantee full compliance with the deadlines.

To find out the estimated cost of international transport by sea, you can contact our managers, who in the fastest time you calculate it. Price will depend on:

  • route;
  • another mode of transport to be used for cargo delivery to and from the port;
  • the need for additional services (documentation, customs clearance, legal advice, insurance).



  • high level of security (the container is sealed with you and printed only when the recipient);
  • opportunity to carry at a time large quantities of goods;
  • favorable price for long distance transport;
  • the ability to move bulky and heavy goods;
  • unlimited sea routes.


This mode of transport has only one drawback, and, unfortunately, it can not be controlled by man. We're talking about, depending on weather conditions. Unfortunately, humanity has not yet learned to control the watery element. And yet, today carry large quantities of goods from Asia is possible only by sea.

The company «B&B Logistics» offers its services on sea container transport. Twenty years of experience allows us to say that we are able to handle any situation. After working with us you will be convinced that Russia can work together seamlessly, responsibly, efficiently and at the same time fast!

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