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Intenational carriage of goods by road

You are engaged in the creation, implementation, sale of goods? Interested in reaching a broad group of consumers, and not only in the city? Need transportation? Moscow logistics company «B & B Logistics» glad to offer you quality services! With us you will be able to carry out the sale or purchase of goods, regardless of geography.

One of the most popular ways to deliver the goods in the country - a transport truck. He has significant advantages over the other. Road transit cheaper than air, and thus more accessible than railway (not in all regions of our country have railway approaches).

Our company has its own large fleet with machines for different purposes and different capacity. We have a responsible attitude to technology and carefully follow its state. We are always in the presence of a large number of serviceable transport that whisk your parcel to the desired point. In addition, we are working with partners to provide their own transport, in case of severe congestion of our machines.

To find out the price of road transport, it is necessary to know from which they depend. Namely, the type of cargo, the size and volume, weight and destination.

Benefits of working with «B&BLogistics»:


  • The safety of goods;
  • Efficiency of delivery;
  • Work with all types of goods (fragile, valuable, heavy, prefabricated)
  • Strictly whether express terms;
  • Convenient routes;
  • Reasonable prices;
  • Delivery to any part of Russia;
  • Delivery abroad;
  • The principle of "door to door";
  • Legal advice;
  • Assistance in customs clearance.                                                                        


If you need our expert advice on the maintenance or the approximate cost of our services - we are always ready to help you! Just call us by phone in Moscow: +7 (495) 970-20-65 or e-mail: info@bb-logistics.ru.

For more than 12 years of existence, the company «B&B Logistics», we have gained invaluable experience. We know how to organize the logistics of competent and optimal way. We are able to find an individual approach to each client. We employ responsible, qualified, professional staff, which we appreciate: managers, logisticians, drivers, lawyers. The main thing for us - to deliver your cargo quickly and efficiently, and make it cheap - at the most competitive price to the customer! Set of completed orders, grateful clients around the world - this is what we have achieved in his nearly half-century history.

Turning to the «B&B Logistics», you make sure to carry freight quality, warranty and rapidly - it is possible!

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